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My personal xmonad configuration (not maintained, switched to awesome)
Haskell VimL
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  - If you modify any of the files in 'lib', xmonad won't detect the change and
    won't recompile as necessary. You'll need to touch 'xmonad.hs'.
  - The configuration depends on the bleeding edge at the moment of writing and
    will probably continue to do so. In particular, at the moment, at least one
    thing in 'lib/Util.hs' will not compile against the last release due to an
    API change in XMonadContrib.
  - There are at least two shell scripts being referred to in the configuration
    ('sound' and 'brightness'), that are not in the repository. That shouldn't
    be much of a problem, but it's possible there's something more important
    out there that's machine-specific.
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