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About the Code
-The source code for HexEdit is completely mine (apart, of course,
-from standard library and MFC code supplied with the compiler).
-Please send any bug fixes or enhancements to
+The source code for the original HexEdit was completely mine (apart
+from libraries from Microsoft), but since HexEdit 1.0 was released in
+1999 open-source code and libraries have been used including:
-There are probably some bugs still lurking in the code. However, I
-have used the program basically unchanged for the last 6 months and
-have found no serious problems.
+- Boost C++ library
+- FreeImage
+- MPIR (forked from GMP)
+- Crypto++
+- zlib
+- MFC Grid Control and MFC controls/code from CodeProject
+The program is quite reliable having very few reported bugs, though
+there are a few design issues. There has only ever been one reported
+bug that caused HexEdit to crash.
Another good metric that the program is relatively stable is that
Bounds Checker found few problems (although I haven't used it since
June 1998). I exercised every aspect and condition of the program
that I could think of, but Bounds Checker only reported a few
problems deep in the MFC code none of which I could track back to
-anything in my code. I also used the Final Check option but as it
-was so slow and was not finding any problems I gave up on that.
+anything in my code. I also used the Final Check option.
As the code was, at least initially, just a test program as I learnt
to use MFC it is not of the highest quality as far as maintainability
-or reuseability go. Nevertheless, there are a few components that
+or reusability go. Nevertheless, there are a few components that
you can easily use in other programs.
In particular, range_set.h implements a class that when used as a
@@ -79,8 +84,10 @@ with Visual C++" by Mike Blaszczak, which despite its name is a good
book. All Knowledge of C++ comes from "The C++ Programming Language"
1st, 2nd and 3rd editions, by Bjarne Stroustrup.
+Since the above was written HexEdit has been updated many times and
+is now built using VC++11 which comes with Visual Studio 2012.
-Description of Source Files
+Description of Source Files (HexEdit 1.0)
HexEdit.dsp - Dev Studio project file

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