Explore implementing 2D L-System from "The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants", by Dr. P. Prusinkiewicz, using OpenTK
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This project was for my geometric modeling class, where I was pursuing a way to create realistic tree growth. I never was able to simulate tree growth in the end, but I did learn a lot about L-Systems from this awesome book I found while searching for research papers. 
The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants, http://algorithmicbotany.org/papers/#abop

Since I believed that the main way to accomplish tree growth was through generating some 2Dimensional L-System trees, I wrote a program that has seven predefined L-Systems and can generate them by switching between the number keys 1-7. This Project was a lot of fun because it gave me an excuse to play with a language I never had before, C#. Also, I got to test the C# OpenGL bindings, OpenTK. Which looking back on I've decided I like a lot more than traditional OpenGL programming in C/C++. Every OpenGL command has been defined as a member function, so it's a lot easier to find what you're looking for instead of just knowing what constants you're after.

w = move forward
a = turn left
d = turn right
s = move backward

q = strafe left
e = strafe right

z = move down
c = move up

t = speed up the animation