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Tiger-Pro For Android

Sample Android app that i use at Tiger Application as a reference for new Android projects. It demonstrates the architecture, tools that i use when developing for the Android platform.

(Nowadays, i have used this pattern in at least 3 projects, it turns out to speed up the android development and make a cool application.)

Libraries and tools included:



This project follows Android architecture guidelines that are based on MVP. For more details, you can checkout android-architecture

How to implement a new screen following MVP

Imagine you have to implement a sign in screen (Include an activity only).

  1. Create a new package under ui called signin
  2. Create an new class called SignInActivityView that extends ActivityView<SignInActivityViewPresenter>.
  3. Create a SignInActivityViewPresenter class that extends ActivityPresenter<SignInActivityView>
  4. Implement the methods in SignInActivityView and SignInActivityViewPresenter, add functions that your Activity requires to perform the necessary actions, e.g. signIn(String email). Once the sign in action finishes you should call view.showSignInSuccessful() in presenter.
  5. Create a SignInActivityViewPresenterTestand write unit tests for signIn(email).
  6. Fragments also provide the same workflow.

From above, you should have SignInActivityView and SignInActivityViewPresenter in your ui.signin package to define your MVP view.

Code Quality

This project include code analysis tools and unit test tools, but still working on unit test and functional test for this project.

Code Analysis tools

The following code analysis tools are set up on this project:

  • PMD: It finds common programming flaws like unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creation, and so forth. See this project's PMD ruleset.
./gradlew pmd
  • Findbugs: This tool uses static analysis to find bugs in Java code. Unlike PMD, it uses compiled Java bytecode instead of source code.
./gradlew findbugs
./gradlew checkstyle

The check task

To ensure that your code is valid and stable use check:

./gradlew check

This will run checkstyle -> findbugs -> PMD -> Android Lint -> Unit Test. All Done!

New project setup

To quickly start a new project, you can:

  1. Keep the mvp package and rename the tiger package to your application.
  2. Modify package in build.gradle and AndroidManifest.xml.
  3. Add sign config to project.
  4. Add proguard files to project, if it's the library proguard file, you should put it in proguards folder.
  5. If you want to enable jni support, checkout build.gradle for more details.
  6. All Done! Enjoy your development.


  1. Unit Test For Project
  2. Project Template for Android Studio IDE
  3. Usage Examples For New Project


Q: How to do pull requests?
A: Ensure good code quality and consistent formatting.


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