Code of Conduct for the Android Study Group Slack
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This policy is a "living" document, and subject to refinement and expansion in the future.

Code of Conduct

The Android Study Group Slack should be a safe place for everybody regardless of

  • gender, gender identity or gender expression
  • sexual orientation
  • disability
  • physical appearance (including but not limited to body size)
  • race
  • age
  • religion

As someone who is part of this Slack, you agree that:

  • We are collectively and individually committed to safety and inclusivity.
  • We have zero tolerance for abuse, harassment, or discrimination.
  • We respect people’s boundaries and identities.
  • We refrain from using language that can be considered oppressive (systemically or otherwise), eg. sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist, etc. - this includes (but is not limited to) various slurs. We avoid using offensive topics as a form of humor.

We actively work towards:

  • Being a safe community
  • Cultivating a network of support & encouragement for each other
  • Encouraging responsible and varied forms of expression

We condemn:

  • Stalking, doxxing, or publishing private information
  • Threats of harm, harassment
  • Anything that compromises people’s safety

These things are NOT OK.

If you say something that is found offensive, and you are called out on it, let’s:

  • Listen without interruption.
  • Believe what the person is saying & do not attempt to disqualify what they have to say.
  • Ask for tips / help with avoiding making the offense in the future.
  • Apologize and ask forgiveness.

Failing to follow the community guidelines as described in this document carries consequences. For minor infractions, you may be temporarily suspended from the Slack. Upon repeat offenses, or if the community believes you are not acting in good faith, you may be asked to leave permanently.

If you experience abuse, harassment, discrimination, or feel unsafe, let a moderator know. Here is a list of the current admins and their Slack IDs:

  • Aleksei Zakharov - @alexey
  • Ben Lee - @bl
  • Corey Latislaw - @colabug
  • Danny Roa - @dannyroa
  • Eric Butler - @codebutler
  • Grantland Chew - @grantland
  • Haley Smith - @haley
  • Jake Wharton - @jw
  • Maria Neumayer - @maria
  • Ty Smith - @ty
  • Vince Mi - @vince

The role of the admins is to be an unbiased mediator, they will not moderate or edit anything written in the Slack unless it is required as a result of a discussed dispute.

Member Nomination

To nominate someone to join the Android Study Group, fill out this form with your name, their name and info, and why you are nominating them.

This study group is for people actively involved in creating Android applications professionally. This includes people like software engineers and designers, and excludes people like journalists or recruiters. The admins will take into consideration the amount of time the nominee has spent working on Android (at least 1 year is ideal). Other helpful data points include the company where they work (if applicable), apps they have built, and their contributions to the Android community (via open source software, meetups, blog posts, etc). Membership is determined by a vote from the admins, who will then send out an invitation to the nominee.

If there is any person you would like to keep out of the study group for any reason, message one of the admins.

Slack Etiquette

Slack Commands

Many members of ASG have this Slack open during the work day, or installed on their phones. Additionally, there are members in many different time zones. Please be cautious about using @channel or @everyone and avoid it if possible.

For tips and tricks or questions about Slack usage, check out #meta.

Q & A

Value your fellow members' time, and be considerate when asking questions. Before asking a question, please Google for it, and consult the Android documentation. If it is still unclear, please reference the sources you consulted in your question.

When answering questions, avoid condescending language or impatience. We are all trying our hardest!