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Speaker Talk Slides Video Sketchnotes
Romain Guy & Chet Haase U and I Slides Video @chiuki @KellyShuster @sepzilla
Ryan Harter @Eliminate(“Boilerplate”) Slides Video @chiuki @mikewolfson
Kristin Marsicano Activities in the Wild: Exploring the Activity Lifecycle Slides Video @sepzilla
David Hope Fragments: What are they good for Slides Video
Ana Baotić Best practices in app security Slides Video @chiuki
Bill Phillips Descent Into Data Binding Video
Stacy Devino Async Task, Threads, Pools and Executors Slides Video @chiuki @mikewolfson @sepzilla
Huyen Tue Dao Measure, Layout, Draw, Repeat: Custom Views and ViewGroups Slides Video @chiuki @sepzilla
Savvas Dalkitsis Using Git like a pro: Shazam's "master-only" workflow, other branching strategies and git hacks Slides Video
Brenda Cook Optimizing and Profiling UI Performance Slides Video @sepzilla
Yash Prabhu A Practical Guide to Material Design implementation for Android Developers Slides Video @chiuki
Effie Barak Advanced ExoPlayer Slides Video
Chris Guzman Libraries I wish I knew about when I started Slides Video @chiuki @KellyShuster @sepzilla
Sarah Olson Intro to iOS for Android developers Slides @sepzilla
Caleb Smith Google Cast: A Field Guide Slides Video
Kelly Shuster Android is for Everyone Video @chiuki @mikewolfson @sepzilla
Matthew Compton Linty Fresh Slides Video
Margaret Maynard-Reid Making Android Apps with Intelligence Slides Video @sepzilla
yiğit boyar Pro RecyclerView Slides Video
Christina Lee Intro to RxJava Slides Video @chiuki
Chris Wong & Omer Strulovich 360VR@Facebook & News Feed rendering in Android
Daniel Lew Dependency injection made simple Slides Video
Philippe Breault Android Studio Like a Boss Slides Video
Mike Nakhimovich SwordFighting with Dagger Slides Video @chiuki
Jon Reeve Can You Read Your Tests? Clean and Useful Android Testing, with JUnit and Spock! Slides Video
Jake Wharton Exploring Java’s Hidden Costs Slides Video
Richa Khandelwal Effective Android Architecture Slides Video @chiuki
Adrián Catalán Firebase and Android, a real-time match synced in heaven Slides Video
Etienne Caron Developing Apps for Project Tango Slides Video

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