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Speaker Talk Slides/etc. Video Sketchnotes
Huyen Tue Dao Be Like Water: Keeping Up With Android TBD Video @chiuki @KellyShuster
Victoria Gonda Kotlin: Uncovered Slides Video
Kelly Shuster The Android Support Libraries Slides Video @chiuki
Brian Gardner Take a Stab at Test Friendly Architecture Code Video
Annyce S Davis First, Do No Harm Blog, Slides Video
Joshua Lamson Custom Drawing with Canvas Slides, Code Video @chiuki
Chuck Greb Clean App Design with Architecture Components Slides Video
Kasra Rahjerdi Making Your App Instant TBD Video
Mercedes Wyss Java 8 Features on Android Slides Video
Vijay Sailappan Android Accessibility Made Easy Slides Video
Namrata Bandekar Video Processing on Android Slides Video
Matt Logan Activities, Intents, Tasks, and the Back Stack Slides Video
Caren Chang App Shortcuts Slides Video
Andrea Falcone Android Developer Options Deep Dive TBD Video @calren24 @KellyShuster
Chris Koeberle Android Endpoint Integration Tests with Mocked Endpoints Slides, Code Video
Ben Oberkfell Android Architecture for the Subway TBD Video
Nick Butcher & Doris Liu Learn Some New Moves: Advanced Android Animation Slides Video
Florina Muntenescu Data Persistence in Android: There's Room for Improvement TBD Video @chiuki
Nicolas Roard Advanced ConstraintLayout Slides Video
Or Bar Shapeshifting: Creating Delightful Icon Animations Slides Video @chiuki
Sandie Peters Adventures in Ocean Mapping Slides Video
Emmett Wilson Android Zombies: How to Not Get Bit Slides Video @KellyShuster
Christina Lee & Huyen Tue Dao The Road to Kotlintown N/A Video @KellyShuster
Leandro Favarin Don't fear SQL: A better way to store and handle data with SQLBright & SQLDelight Slides Video
Dario Incalza Attacking Android Applications TBD Video
Kaushik Gopal RxJava by example - Volume 3 (the multicast edition) Slides Video @chiuki
Mark Scheel Android Basics: Continuous Integration TBD Video @KellyShuster
Stacy Devino Spread your Wings with Spannables TBD Video @sepzilla
Chet Haase, Romain Guy Finding and Fixing Performance Problems TBD Video @KellyShuster
Yiğit Boyar Architecture Components - Behind the Scenes TBD Video
Doug Stevenson Boost the quality of your app with Firebase Slides Video
Iñaki Vilar Espresso, beyond the basics Slides Video
Ben McCanny Data Binding in Practice Code Video
Raimon Rafols The bytecode mumbo-jumbo Slides Video
Joe Birch For optimists, our UI is pretty pessimistic Slides Video
Rich Friedel One More Thing: Building the IoT Future with Android Things and Firebase Code Video
Hasmik Kalantarian Understanding Android Themes Slides Video
Ty Smith Deep Android Integrations TBD Video
Effie Barak Android Internals Slides Video @chiuki
Eric Cochran RecyclerView's Powerful Companions TBD Video
Chet Haase & Romain Guy Suggestions for a Totally Better Programming Language TBD Video
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