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Join the chat at Yet another Android Dex bytecode Disassembler

##Objective Currently, this project is for self-studying purpose. But in essence, YADD is planed to be a complex disassembler for the Android Dex bytecode. That is, a hybrid tool to support pure binary/signature dumping and to provide an interface for reversing analysis.

As a reversing toolkit, YADD will basically support:

  • Code block differentiation and control flow visualization.
  • Symbolic level def-use chain to highlight the data dependency between instructions.

##Current Progress YADD is now relying on the Dex file parsing and the instruction decoding algorithm of Android Open Source Project. It can now be built as a pure executable for Dex code dumping. More capabilities about control and data flow analysis will be updated in the near future.

##Installation Clone the project into your working folder. In the working folder, type these instructions.

$ ./ --rebuild
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

Done! And the executable should locate in: /path/to/your/working/folder/bin/dumper


Usage: dumper [options]
    Example: dumper --granularity=instruction --input=/PATH/TO/MY/DEX --output=PATH/TO/MY/TXT

  --granularity=(class|method|instruction): For data granularity
    class      : List class names only
    method     : List method signatures only
    instruction: Full dump

  --input=<classes.dex>: Specify the input dex pathname

  --output=<dump.txt>: Specify the output dump pathname

##Contact Any problems? please contact me via the mail: