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Andronix App

The power of Linux on your Android πŸ“±


  1. This is the official repository for the back end of the Andronix app πŸš€. Here you can know all the scripts you're installing 😎

    Shell 572 196

  2. We have a new website πŸ‘€, built with NuxtJS and Tailwind CSS, it's fast! Uses Cypress and Mocha for testing and is automated with GH Actions.

    Vue 7 1

  3. New and a more descriptive documentation for the @AndronixApp. It's build with the fast VueJS framework, NuxtJS and Tailwind CSS.

    JavaScript 2 3

  4. Save and sync your commands on the go. Copy and paste them when you need. πŸ’»πŸ’Ώ

    CSS 46 18

  5. Get your Andronix Commands right in your terminal πŸ’»

    JavaScript 23 9

  6. The core of the Andronix's Termux integration πŸ”₯

    Shell 44 20