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Andronix App

The power of Linux on your Android πŸ“±


  1. AndronixOrigin AndronixOrigin Public

    This is the official repository for the back end of the Andronix app πŸš€. Here you can know all the scripts you're installing 😎

    Shell 1.6k 292

  2. andronix-website-base andronix-website-base Public

    We have a new website πŸ‘€, built with NuxtJS and Tailwind CSS, it's fast! Uses Cypress and Mocha for testing and is automated with GH Actions.

    Vue 154 32

  3. andronix-docs-v2 andronix-docs-v2 Public

    MDX 9 1

  4. AndroNix-Web AndroNix-Web Public

    Save and sync your commands on the go. Copy and paste them when you need. πŸ’»πŸ’Ώ

    CSS 107 24

  5. andronix-command-cli andronix-command-cli Public

    Get your Andronix Commands right in your terminal πŸ’»

    JavaScript 84 20

  6. termux-packages termux-packages Public

    The core of the Andronix's Termux integration πŸ”₯

    Shell 166 41


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