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Andrwes Scripting Center

This is the git-repository for all scripts I'm working on.


Script for managing package compilation and repositories in Arch Linux.


Description of functions used in


Create clean chroot environment for Arch Linux like configured in files in repo-conf.


Script to control mouse movements and clicks without mouse input devices.
Intended to be bound to keys which enables mouse control via keyboard.
Possible movements:
 left, right, up, down (5px)
 jleft, jright, jup, jdown (20px)
 lclick, rclick (1 click)
 wup, wdown [wheel up/down] (5 clicks)


Play music created by cli command awk.


Change group of user given through socket.
Used to change group of ftp users who successfully changed there password after first login through ssh so these users are bound to sftp by the new group.


Create user for sftp.


Script for up/down options of openvpn.
It reads options like DNS server and domain given by vpn-server and sets them in resolv.conf.
It supports dhcpcd configurations using /etc/resolv.conf.head.


Download and extract maps from for europe.


A simple monitor of battery which warns using sound and notifications and hibernates when current capacity is below off-value (10%)


Manage serial connections over TCP.