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Baseline: The following code
my @test = (0,) x 1000;
for (my $i = 0; $i < @test; $i++) {
my $j = int(rand() * @test);
$test[$j] = \$test[$i];
causes a huge number of hash operations - basically bouncing the hash
back and forwards over and over again. Here's the baseline from the hash
hash_new(): 8032
hash_delete(): 2007
hash_delete_key(): 0
hash_put(): 12395372
hash_get(): 12391791
_hash(): 24787163
_rehash(): 6024
_find(): 24787163
The output from Devel::LeakTrace for this script should look like this:
leaked SV(0x1812578) from line 9
leaked SV(0x180eac4) from line 9
leaked SV(0x182f44c) from line 9
leaked SV(0x182f530) from line 13
give or take an address or two.
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