R&D tools for wind turbine power performance testing
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#Introduction This is the repository for an R package intended to provide tools to analyze and vizualise wind turbine power curves.


  1. A working installation of R. This can be obtained from e.g. http://r-project.org.
  2. Some experience with using R to explore data and plot results.
  3. Basic understanding of how to use command line programs.

#Download Click on the "Download ZIP" button on the lower right of this page.

How To Use This Code

You have the option of installing and running the package, or just sourcing the R code.

Sourcing the code

This will have to be done every time you need these functions. No help will be available for the functions.

Copy all files from the R directory into a 'code' directory somewhere. Then, in R, source these files:

# define the project root
project.root <- drive:/path/to/my/stuff

# define where functions live
code.dir = file.path(project.root,

# source these functions
code.files = dir(code.dir, pattern = "\\.R$")
for (file in code.files){
  source(file = file.path(code.dir,file))

Installing and using the package

This approach installs all functions, help, and a vignette. Run the following code in the R console:

# identify where the code was downloaded to 
try(detach(name = "package:PowerPerformance",unload = TRUE))
roxygenize(package.dir = "PowerPerformance")
system("R CMD build PowerPerformance --no-build-vignettes")
system("R CMD check PowerPerformance")
system("R CMD INSTALL PowerPerformance --preclean --build")
system("R CMD Rd2pdf PowerPerformance")
# and make the package available

You can then include these files in any code by including the line require(PowerPerformance) in your code.

#Documentation Documentation is provided in several forms:

#Reporting issues and errors Please use the issue-tracker at https://github.com/AndyClifton/PowerPerformance/issues to report issues.

#Wiki Please use the wiki at https://github.com/AndyClifton/PowerPerformance/wiki as you feel fit.

#Comments This software is provided as is, with no guarantees.

#Recent changes 9.15.2015 First commit.

#Code Maintainers

#Project Contributors

  • Rozenn Wagner, Danish Technical University