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Course Materials for Prof. Hunt's iOS - audio programming course
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Course Materials for Dr. Hunt's iOS - audio programming course

These examples are based off of code from AudioKit's Playgrounds.

All examples use the Swift programming language

For instructions on how to Download and install the AudioKit framework into your project, take a look at Aure's screencast on the AudioKit Downloads page.

Included Examples:

  1. HelloWorld-AudioKit --- an app that plays a simple sine wave on app-launch

2A) OscillatorUI --- extending the previous example, we show how to use a slider to control our oscillator's frequency

2B) OscillatorUI --- extending the previous example, we'll show how to use a button to turn our oscillator on and off.

  1. AudioFilePlayback --- an app that will play a looped audio file on app launch

  2. Mixer --- an app that demonstrates how to mix audio files together using AKMixer

5A) Sample Triggering --- an app that will play two sound samples when a button is pressed.

5B) Multi-Sample Triggering --- extending 5A, we'll play three samples, as well as demonstrate how to change whether or not a sample is looping.

  1. AudioFileReverb --- extending the previous example, we will apply reverb to our audio sample. We'll also demonstrate how to chain audio effects together.

  2. Reverb UI --- an app that demonstrates a more complicated UI controlled set-up, as well as providing an introduction to some basic Object-Oriented programming concepts.

  3. AKFMSynthInstrument --- an example showing how to use AudioKit's included Instruments for creating your own synthesizer instrument app.

AudioKit version

The examples here use AudioKit version 3.2, which is the most up-to-date version as of this writing. Please make sure you use 3.2 or higher when working on your projects.

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