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Python Testing Example: pytest

This example is part of the Python Testing 101 series from Automation Panda. It will work for Python 2 and 3.

Project Structure

This project has two modules:

  • com.automationpanda.example.calc_func contains math functions.
  • com.automationpanda.example.calc_class contains a basic Calculator class.

Test modules are placed under the tests directory. Note that tests is not a Python package and has no "" file.

Running Tests

pytest has many command line options with a powerful discovery mechanism:

  • python -m pytest to discover and run all tests from the current directory
  • python -m pytest -v to explicitly print the result of each test as it is run
  • python -m pytest tests/ to run only the math function tests
  • python -m pytest tests/ to run only the Calculator class tests
  • python -m pytest --junitxml=results.xml to generate a JUnit-style XML test report
  • python -m pytest -h for command line help

It is also possible to run pytest directly with the "pytest" or "py.test" command, instead of using the longer "python -m pytest" module form. However, the shorter command does not append the current directory path to PYTHONPATH.

Configuration settings may also be added to "pytest.ini".