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Hands-On Web UI Testing with Python | SmartBear Webinar with Automation Panda | August 14, 2019
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This repository contains the example test project for the Hands-On Web UI Testing with Python webinar delivered by SmartBear in collaboration with Automation Panda on August 14, 2019. The webinar slides are saved in this repository as webinar-slides.pdf.


This project requires Python 3.

To set up the Python environment and install dependencies, run:

> pip install pipenv
> pipenv install

Running Tests

You will need a CrossBrowserTesting license to run the tests in this project. You can obtain a trial license from Add your username and authentication key to cbt_config.json.

To run tests, run the following command from the project's root directory:

> pipenv run python -m pytest

The terminal will print the pytest banner. Be patient - tests may take a few seconds to complete. You can also check results on the CrossBrowserTesting website.

Writing New Tests

This project can be the starting point for more testing. Try writing new tests on your own! Here are some ideas for additional DuckDuckGo tests:

  • use different search phrases
  • click a search result
  • do an image search
  • do a video search

You can also try to write tests for other Web apps!

Additional Resources

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