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Film Research is a library of film research, reports, and data sets.

Our aim is to:

  • Archive film industry research and data sets.
  • Increase the access and availability of these resources.
  • Help cultivate an intelligent and thriving UK film industry.

What’s available?

The UK film industry publishes an incredible amount of information every year.

But we also see an incredible amount lost and forgotten, we’re trying to fix that.

We've collected all the research, reports, evaluations, toolkits, and data sets we could find. We have over 500 resources, mostly from the last 20 years, but the oldest dates from 1914. All of these resources were already available, but we’ve brought them together into one searchable website.

We believe that making these resources easily available leads to an open and intelligent industry – we're sharing information, preventing duplication, whilst promoting transparency and accountability.

We ensure all resources linked already exist within the public domain, and are appropriately sourced. If you feel like a mistake has been made, please get in touch.

Who is involved in the project?

Film Research is a project by Andy Rae.

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