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Cut out of the Picture - A study of gender inequality amongst film directors in the UK film industry
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Directors UK
Stephen Follows
Alexis Kreage
Eleanor Gomes

“Over the last decade there has been growing awareness and discussion of the limited representation of women in the film industry. Our own research into the gender of UK and Hollywood film crews in 2014 found women made up only 26% of crew members in the UK and just 23% in the US, with female directors particularly poorly represented.
However, despite the increasing awareness of this disparity, there had not been a comprehensive study into the problem or its root causes.
For this reason, we are extremely grateful to Directors UK, who commissioned us to look at the situation in far more detail; to uncover the reasons behind the disparity between men and women in the film industry, and to provide suggestions as to how we may start to redress the imbalance.
With Directors UK’s support, this report provides the most comprehensive analysis of gender inequality in the UK film industry to date, studying over 2,500 films across the last decade.”

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