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A jQuery plugin for playing Scott Adams Adventure games that are in the ScottFree format. This will play all the classic Scott Adams games, and you can find a working example of it here.

To find out more about Scott Adams, his incredible and his enormous influence of the computer gaming history visit his website.

This code is released uner the MIT license - refer to the file LICENSE for more information.

Using this plugin

Basic Syntax

The basic syntax for invoking the jScottFree plugin is as follows.

$(User Interface Selector).jScottFree({ debug: true / false});

Where debug: true, unsurprisingly, sets debug mode to true. See a demo here. By default, this value is false.

User Interface

This is a container element with 7 children and is used by the plugin to represent the game world, recieve player input and load / save game. These children are:

  • two textarea with an id of worldView and gameOutput,
  • a textbox with an id of gameInput,
  • a select tag with id of load menu, populate with games to load - the file name is value.
  • four span with ids of loadButton, resetButton and loadSavedGame

The file jScottFree.htm contains an example of a user interface.


You can find a working example of this plugin here.


jScottFree requires Jquery 1.11.3 or later.

In more detail

The plugin jQuery.jScottFree.js works in conjunction scottLoad.js. The latter loads an adventure game file (a text file with a .dat extension) and converts it to a JSON object and then passes to the former. The source code is commented and, I believe, self explanatory :)

jQuery.jScottFree.js The function init() initialises the plugin, and game play starts when a user selects a game from the UI game menu and clicks the button Load. The load button fires the LoadGame event, which starts up the game. From then onwards, the game is driven by Enter Keyup events which are handled by the EnterPressed function.

Files included in this project

  • Hints - Descrambled hint files for the adventure games
  • adv - Adventure games, in ScottFree format
  • jQuery.ScottFree.js - jScottFree plugin
  • jScottFreeDebug.htm - Example of jScottFree with debug mode enabled
  • jScottFree.htm - Example of jScottFree
  • jquery.jScottFree.css - Style sheet for the above two htm files
  • scottLoad.js - Used by jQuery.ScottFree.js, converts "ScottFree" format adventure games into a jSon object.


A jQuery plugin for playing Scott Adams Adventure games



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