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Javascript language support for gettext
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This is the GNU gettext package.  It is interesting for authors or
maintainers of other packages or programs which they want to see
internationalized.  As one step the handling of messages in different
languages should be implemented.  For this task GNU gettext provides
the needed tools and library functions.

It is also interesting for translators, because GNU gettext provides
the 'msgmerge' program, which prepares a message catalog before a
translation update.

Users of GNU packages should also install GNU gettext because some
other GNU packages will use the gettext program included in this
package to internationalize the messages given by shell scripts.

The homepage of this package is at


The primary FTP site for its distribution is


Send comments and bug reports to

The configure script provides a non-standard option.  It is also
available in other packages that use the functionality of GNU gettext.


if you absolutely don't want to have messages handling code.  You will
always get the original messages (mostly English).  You could consider
using NLS support even when you do not need other tongues.  If you do
not install any messages catalogs or do not specify to use another but
the C locale you will not get translations.

The set of languages for which catalogs should be installed can also be
specified while configuring.  Of course they must be available but the
intersection of these two sets are computed automatically.  You could
once and for all define in your profile/cshrc the variable LINGUAS:

(Bourne Shell)          LINGUAS="de fr nl"; export LINGUAS

(C Shell)               setenv LINGUAS "de fr nl"

or specify it directly while configuring

        env LINGUAS="de fr nl" ./configure

Consult the manual for more information on language names.

Other files you might look into:

ABOUT-NLS    - current state of the GNU internationalization effort
COPYING      - copying conditions
DEPENDENCIES - list of prerequisite packages, to be installed before this one
INSTALL      - general compilation and installation rules
NEWS         - major changes in the current version
THANKS       - list of contributors
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