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Exercise 24: More Practice

You are getting to the end of this section. You should have enough Ruby "under your fingers" to move onto learning about how programming really works, but you should do some more practice. This exercise is longer and all about building up stamina. The next exercise will be similar. Do them, get them exactly right, and do your checks.

What You Should See

$ ruby ex24.rb
Let's practice everything.
You'd need to know 'bout escapes with \ that do
 newlines and    tabs.

    The lovely world
with logic so firmly planted
cannot discern
 the needs of love
nor comprehend passion from intuition
and requires an explanation

        where there is none.

This should be five: 5
With a starting point of: 10000
We'd have 5000000 beans, 5000 jars, and 50 crates.
We can also do that this way:
We'd have 500000 beans, 500 jars, and 5 crates.

Extra Credit

  1. Make sure to do your checks: read it backwards, read it out loud, put comments above confusing parts.
  2. Break the file on purpose, then run it to see what kinds of errors you get. Make sure you can fix it.
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