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Exercise 35: Branches and Functions

You have learned to do if-statements, functions, and arrays. Now it's time to bend your mind. Type this in, and see if you can figure out what it's doing.

What You Should See

Here's me playing the game:

$ ruby ex35.rb
You are in a dark room.
There is a door to your right and left.
Which one do you take?
> left
There is a bear here.
The bear has a bunch of honey.
The fat bear is in front of another door.
How are you going to move the bear?
> taunt bear
The bear has moved from the door. You can go through it now.
> open door
This room is full of gold.  How much do you take?
> asf
Man, learn to type a number. Good job!

Extra Credit

  1. Draw a map of the game and how you flow through it.
  2. Fix all of your mistakes, including spelling mistakes.
  3. Write comments for the functions you do not understand. Remember RDoc comments?
  4. Add more to the game. What can you do to both simplify and expand it.
  5. The gold_room has a weird way of getting you to type a number. What are all the bugs in this way of doing it? Can you make it better than just checking if "1" or "0" are in the number? Look at how to_i() works for clues.
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