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Real-Time Muliplayer Quiz Game!
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KNOW ME is a web application game based on trivia games.

For those that would like to Build upon the game.

Firstly make a seprerate branch for yourself off the master branch. Then you will have to install that branch to your computer. We are using yarn instead of npm so if you npm install that could turn into errors in the future. So after you have installed the branch you will have to download the current dependancies as well. So make your way to the github folder on your computer using a type of unix based terminal, for example Git Bash/Linux/Mac terminal. From there you will use the yarn install command to download the dependencies for the project. Now it is time to start coding!!!

Objective of the game

The objective of the game is to see if your Trivia knowledge is better than others.

Guide for the game

The purpose of the game KnowMe is to see how well you know your trivia.

This is a multiplayer player game so every player will have to sign up to play.

Once signed up and logged in the players must press START GAME.

Once START GAME has been pressed you will need to FIND GAME.

Once in the the lobby of the game you will need to wait for other players to join.

After the minimum amount of players(2) have joined the lobby the host will have to start game.

Once the game started you will be required to select an answer for the multiple choice question within the allotted time.

For each question you have answered correctly you will get a point and whoever has the most points WINS.

Lastly have fun and dont stress out. If you didnt know the answer to a question before now you know.

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