League of Legends API Challenge, Pulls URF Data and other stats
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URF Challenge

An application which provides insights into a URF win ratios for champions in League of Legends.

This repo contains the mobile app, web app, and server for the URF Challenge Statistics.

Check out the Web app here: http://vowb.net:4000/URF

Here are some screenshots! (Scroll to the bottom for more info and how to run it :)

Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text

Run the server on your localhost (with Node.js installed) using the command: npm start

If you'd like to have the server pull data from the API for you, rather than use our compiled URF Data you can change the variable APIManager.fetchNewData at the top of request_manager/APIManager.js to true. You'll notice it will error unless you set an environment variable with your api key like so: export riotAPIKey=YOUR_RIOT_API_KEY

From there you will be able to connect to the web app locally. You can run the iOS app through xCode (It isn't published on the iOS store yet).

My API End points: http://vowb.net:4000/URFData

URF Data

- GET /URFData

Returns the server's total compiled URF Data as JSON

Variable Name Type Description
gamesAnalyzed int The total amount of games the server has analyzed
startTime int The start time of the server's analysis (epoch)
champions array Contains an array of champion objects
champion object Contains fields relating to a specific champion (below)
Champion Object:
Variable Name Type Description
champName String String relating to a champion's id
champID int Riot's API champion ID
totalPlays int The number of games a champion has been played in
totalWins int The number of games a champion has won in
totalLosses int The number of games a champion has lost in
winRate double A ratio of wins to losses
kills int Total kills for all games
assists int Total assists for all games
deaths int Total deaths for all games
averageKills double Average kills per game
averageAssists double Average assists per game
averageDeaths double Average deaths per game
kda double A ratio of average kills + assists to death
gold int Total gold earned by a champion
averageGold double Average gold earned by champion each game
cs int Total cs earned by champion
averageCS double Average cs earned by champion each game

- GET /playerData?name={summoner_name}

Currently just returns the requested summoner's past 10 matches as JSON (under development) Will be used to return nemesis data.

By Rhys Howell & George Lo

https://github.com/Anemy https://github.com/twgeolo