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Classic coding question: "Fully Randomized and Automated Single Player BattleShips game"
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Hi, this was a very fun task. To run simply cd into the folder and run java BattleShips.

This is a fully randomized and automated one player game of battleships, if you want to increase the grid size or increase the number of ships/lengths of ships you can do so in

This is how I broke down the problem:

  1. Placing of the board i) The ships should not cross over the board 11) The ships should not overlap

  2. Taking user co-ordinates and giving the right response

  3. Checking when the game was over

How I solved these issues:

  1. Created a two dimensional array to store characters.

i) Made sure that the starting index of the ship had one restricted co-ordinate (x or y depending on the ship's orientation)

ii) My initial thought was to create 4 quadrants and place the ships there. This is really easy to do but not scalable as number of ships is limited to 4. I wanted to create a dynamic grid, where number of ships and their lengths could be changed. If a ship already existed there, I recalled the same function. This works really well for 2 destroyers and 1 ship but if the number of ships was very large compared to the grid/board size the runtime would very high for such an approach as the function would have to keep calling itself. A better approach would be to add or subtracting 1 to the x or y index (depending on the orientation) and trying to place the ship there but I wanted to complete this project in 2 hours as recommended and did not work on this approach as I was close to taking the full two hours.

  1. This was easy to do for a simple hit or miss message for the user. For checking if a ship had sunk, I gave all the ships separate chars to represent themselves and on every hit checled if more units of the same ship (same char) lied within its vicinity. If not, then I outputted the 'ship sunk' message.

  2. This was a simple case of summing up the lengths of all the ships/destroyers. If the total number of hits reached this sum of all lengths number then the game ended.

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