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A Full Stack (MERN) time tracking web app
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To recreate after cloning, in the project directory, run:

    npm install
    npm start

Took me ~ 12 hours on this enjoyable project. It came out fairly well in the time frame, all mandatory and otherwise requirements met. What is clearly lacking though is a distinction between a booking and previous time log in the daily log list. Also, right now you can make an appointment in the past (earlier in the same day) - which is a bug!

Future improvements I will make with more time:

Fix the past appointment bug

Create a visual distinction between appointments (appointments would have a guest list, venue, time dedicated to it etc)

Previous logs and upcoming days with appointments would have a "deadline" emoji on their calendar dates

When it is time to give a user about an appointment, there would be a custom alert with more details of the appointment and link to a call etc.

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