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Game engine designed to fast-prototype grid-based games and their AIs
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PyTGF - Tile Game Framework


  • This module was made in the context of a master's thesis made at the University of Mons (UMONS) for a Master degree in Computer Sciences.
  • The project was made under the direction of the Professor Tom Mens.
  • Every technical detail of the project are written in the file pyTGF-MasterThesis.pdf


The goal of this solution is to provide a stable framework to test AIs on grid-based games. These games can optionally be cooperative, as the controllers can send messages to each others.



Three examples have been developed with this framework. They are located in the examples package:

  • Lazerbike: A TRON-like game, where multiple bikes try to win upon its opponents by blocking them with their lasers tray
  • Sokoban: A puzzle game where one or multiple players must push boxes into holes in order to reach a common destination
  • Connect 4: The well-known grid game in which two players fight to place 4 discs in a row on a 6x7 grid board.

Run the examples

To run the examples, just run the file followed by one of the three commands below:

  • lazerbike
  • sokoban
  • connect4

Creating a new game

A script has ben written in order to help users to create a new game. This script creates all the files needed to implement a new game, and leaves TODOs and FIXMEs in the code to indicate where the code must be adapted to implement the game.

To launch this script, just run the file followed by the required arguments. These can be listed using --help when launching the script.

Three types of games are enumerated in these parameters:

  • War games -- Games in which multiple players are competing on a team-base.
  • Duel games -- Subtype of war games, in which only two players fight against each other.
  • Puzzle games -- Games in which one player or multiple players collaborating try to beat the game.
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