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This project involves the creation of a Manuscript integration that fetches the RSS feed for app reviews from the App Store and, for any new reviews, creates a case. This allows the team to handle reviews with similar workflows as they would an email to the support inbox.


  • Subscribe to multiple product feeds, ideally across all regional stores
  • Project and area into which new cases are created are configurable (e.g., Inbox: Customer Reviews)


  • Enabling replies to customers via iTunes Connect
  • Historical collection of old reviews (timeframe TBD)
  • Piping reviews from different products into separate projects


This integration will fetch the RSS feeds for a given app ID, compare the fetched review id values against what has already been fetched, and for any new reviews, create a case based on data from the review via the /pushContent endpoint of the Manuscript JSON API.

Cases will be created in a project/area combination fetched from the JSON API. The recommendation is to treat this as you would any other customer correspondence, with the main difference being that you can’t reply to the customer via Manuscript (at least, not until Apple adds this to the iTunes Connect Review API). Our 1.0 goal is to let users define a single project/area combination in which cases are created, because (in my experience, anyway) more inboxes are never better.

It appears that Apple will rate limit and even place a temporary IP ban on requesters that look like they’re abusing the RSS feed (e.g. requesting too often), so we’ll want to be thoughtful about how we limit this.

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