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How To Batch Deletes In MySQL Via orphanRemoval=true

Description: Batch deletes in MySQL via orphanRemoval=true.

Note: Spring deleteAllInBatch() and deleteInBatch() don't use batching. The first one simply triggers a delete from entity_name statement, while the second one triggers a delete from entity_name where id=? or id=? or id=? ... statement. Rely on delete() method.

Key points:
- in this example, we have a Tournament entity and each tournament can have several TennisPlayer (one-to-many)
- first, we use orphanRemoval=true and only CascadeType.PERSIST and CascadeType.MERGE
- second, we dissociate all TennisPlayer from the corresponding Tournament
- third, we explicitly (manually) flush the persistent context (this will delete in batch all TennisPlayer thanks to orphanRemoval=true; if this is set to false, you will obtain a bunch of updates instead of deletes)
- forth, we delete all Tournament via the delete() method (since we have dissaciated all TennisPlayer, the Tournament deletion will take advantage of batching as well)

Output example:

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