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Target program compilation errors

  • dfs$*** undefined errors in compiling: See Model external library section.

  • Can't find xlocal.h while compiling C++ with Angora.

ln -s /usr/include/locale.h /usr/include/xlocale.h
  • *scanf() functions not modelled: Replace *scanf() functions.

Runtime errors

  • Failed to find any branches during dry run: Ensure the binary is instrumented and the input directory is populated. Otherwise no branches can be found.

  • Multiple inconsistent warnings. It caused by the fast and track programs has different behaviors. If most constraints are inconsistent, ensure they are compiled with the same environment. Otherwise, report us.

  • Density is too large (> 10%). Please increase MAP_SIZE_POW2 in llvm_mode/config.h and MAP_LENGTH in common/src/ Or disable function-call context by compiling with ANGORA_DISABLE_CONTEXT=1 or ANGORA_DIRECT_FN_CONTEXT=1 environment variable.

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