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Compile and install Nginx from source with optionnal modules.



  • x86, x64, arm*
  • Debian 8 and later
  • Ubuntu 16.04 and later


  • Latest mainline or stable version, from source
  • Optional modules (see below)
  • Removed useless modules
  • Custom nginx.conf (default does not work)
  • Init script for systemd (not provided by default)
  • Logrotate conf (not provided by default)
  • Block Nginx installation from APT using pinning, to prevent conflicts

Optional modules/features

Install Nginx

Just download and execute the script :

chmod +x

You can check configuration examples for the custom modules.

Uninstall Nginx

Just select the option when running the script :


You have te choice to delete the logs and the conf.

Update Nginx

To update Nginx, run the script and install Nginx again. It will overwrite current Nginx files and/or modules.

Update the script

The update feature downloads the script from this repository, and overwrite the current file in the working directory. This allows you to get the latest features, bug fixes, and module versions automatically.


Log file

A log file is created when running the script. It is located at /tmp/nginx-autoinstall.log.


GPL v3.0