Slides and examples from the "Practical AI in Unity" talk from Unite Seattle 2014. Presentation recording at
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Practical AI in Unity

This repository is the Unity project I used for the "Practical AI in Unity" presentation - August 21st 2014 in Seattle.

Running the slideshow:

1. Open a scene, hit playmode and optionally maximize the game view by hitting space when it is focused or pinching out with the mouse over on an apple touchpad.
2. Move through the presentation with the left/right arrow keys and the space bar. Use the shift key as modifier to skip a full slide - not going through build steps.
3. Once started, the slideshow will always return to the last slide when entering playmode in a slide scene. To reset this behaviour, enter playmode with the "0 - Reset.unity" scene.
4. Node editor controls:
	* Double-click on the canvas to create a node. The name will be taken in order from the active name list ("Node #" if no name list is loaded). Create new lists from the Assets/Create menu or the Create drop-down in the project window.
	* Double-click a node to start a connection.
	* Right-click a node to delete it.
	* Click and drag the canvas to move it around.
	* Right-click and drag on the canvas horizontally or vertically to change connection orientation.

The presentation recording is available here: