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Open-source client for Teapot repositories
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Build Status Open-source package manager for Tcl. Will be able to download from Teapot archives and version control systems.

Work in progress - use at your own risk!

Setting up

Stick mug (and associated app files) somewhere your path can see.

In your repo, type mug init to prepare your project for mug usage - it should create a directory called mug_packages and a file called mug_autoloader.tcl.

To use packages installed via mug, use source mug_autoloader.tcl at the beginning of your main file. This will allow Tcl to refer to packages installed via mug using the package require command - easy!

Installing packages

Currently, Mug only supports installation of Git repositories - support for other version control systems and for teapot will be added eventually.

Packages can be installed by hand via mug install - this takes a git url, such as git+

TODO: information about installing branches, tags.

It'd be a pain to have to manually do this every time we want our requirements, so mug allows you to create a file called mug_requirements.txt. Running mug install without any arguments will make mug look for this file and install each item listed within.

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