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A light theme for Hexo. Online Demo: http://powman.org

Theme Features

  • Custom Navigation Menu
  • Custom Shortcut Icons
  • Archive List
  • ABOUT Information
  • Links
  • Supported Duoshuo Comment and disqus
  • Supproted Google Analytics and Tencent Analytics


  • hexo-renderer-jade
  • hexo-generator-feed



Init Hexo

Once Hexo is installed, run the following commands to initialise Hexo in the target .

$ hexo init <folder>
$ cd <folder>
$ npm install

For more detail on Hexo official website: https://hexo.io/docs/setup.html

Install Dependencies

Theme Prontera is using Jade for its templates.

$ npm install hexo-renderer-jade --save
$ npm install hexo-generator-feed --save

Install Theme

Clone theme from Github:

$ git clone https://github.com/AngryPowman/hexo-theme-prontera themes/prontera


Change your theme config _config.yml to prontera on the root of your Hexo directory:

# Extensions
## Plugins: https://hexo.io/plugins/
## Themes: https://hexo.io/themes/
theme: prontera

Change theme style

You can just change the constant $MAIN_COLOR in themes/prontera/source/scss/_partial/base.scss to change the basic color.

NOTICE: Do remember to run gulp after you modify a scss file.