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What is this?

This is a server tracker for the game Cube 2: Sauerbraten.

Does this tracker have an API?

Yes. See the API documentation page for more information.

How can I have my clan added to the Tracker's clan list (for clanwar detection, server browser, ... etc)?

Read the following rules carefully before requesting your clan be added to the clan list:

  • Your clan must have existed and been active for at least 15 days, with the game records to prove it.
  • Your clan must have had at least 2 active members for most of that duration.
  • Only one clantag is allowed per clan. A different clantag is considered a different clan, and requires a new 15 day waiting period.
  • If your clan is not active for at least 15 days after addition to the Tracker, it will be removed, and a new 15 day waiting period will be required.

If your clan meets the criteria above, create an issue or use SauerTracker's Discord server and I will add it.

At what rate are servers pinged?

Servers with players are pinged 3 times every 5 seconds, one ping of each type (info, player stats, and team scores). The rest of the servers are only pinged once every 10 seconds. However, when a server approaches intermission, the ping delay is reduced from 5 to 2 seconds until the beginning of intermission, to record end-game stats as accurately as possible.

How can I have my server excluded from tracking?

If the server is in the master server list, I won't actually remove it, but I can ban your server from stats tracking, so that games played on it won't get saved nor have any effect on player stats. Contact me (Origin) on IRC for more information.

Will name protection be restored in the future?

One day, maybe.

How reliable is this Tracker?

Reliable enough, but don't count on it too much, as it can crash or go offline at times.

How accurate is this Tracker?

The server list, servers (live games), and saved games are pretty accurate. Player stats however are not very accurate, as they are only meant to provide a relative measure of skill/activity among players.

I have a question/suggestion/bug report/... What do I do?

Create an issue or hit me up on Discord (tag: Origin#4876), and I will do my best to answer/add/fix it.

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