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<title>Narcissus - Online image builder for the angstrom distribution</title>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="scripts/js/MochiKit.js"></script>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="scripts/js/internal_request.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" title="dominion" href="css/dominion.css" media="screen" />
<body onLoad="toggleVisibility('devel') ; toggleVisibility('packages')">
/* Narcissus - Online image builder for the angstrom distribution
* Koen Kooi (c) 2008 - all rights reserved
function machine_dropdown() {
$machine = array();
if ($handle = opendir ('./conf/'))
/* This is the correct way to loop over the directory. */
while (false !== ($file = readdir ($handle)))
if ($file != "." && $file != ".." && file_exists("./conf/$file/arch.conf"))
$machine[] = $file;
closedir ($handle);
foreach($machine as $value) {
print ("\t<option value=\"$value\">$value</option>\n");
This is a proof of concept online image builder for the Angstrom distribution. <div id="intro">The basic operation is simple:
<li>select machine from dropdown list</li>
<li>select packages you want to have included, click the <img src='img/expand.gif'> sign to expand a section.</li>
<li>Change the random name for the image into the name you want it to be called</li>
<li>Click the "build me!" button</li>
<div id="form" class="kader"><form name="entry_form" onsubmit="javascript:configureImage();return false">
<select name="machine">
<? machine_dropdown(); ?>
</select >
<hr width="80%"/>
Base system:<br/><br/>
$base_array = array("task-boot" => "task-boot",
"task-base" => "task-base",
"task-base-extended" => "task-base-extended");
$wm_array = array("Matchbox" => "angstrom-x11-base-depends angstrom-gpe-task-base",
"Illume" => "e-wm e-wm-config-illume angstrom-x11-base-depends angstrom-gpe-task-base",
"Enlightenment" => "e-wm e-wm-config-standard e-wm-config-default angstrom-x11-base-depends angstrom-gpe-task-base",
"Metacity" => "metacity angstrom-x11-base-depends angstrom-gpe-task-base");
$devel_array = array("Python" => "python-core python-modules",
"Perl" => "perl perl-modules",
"Toolchain" => "task-native-sdk",
"Busybox replacements" => "task-proper-tools");
$packages_array = array("Abiword" => "abiword",
"Aircrack-ng" => "aircrack-ng",
"All kernel modules" => "kernel-modules",
"Alsa utils" => "alsa-utils-alsamixer alsa-utils-aplay alsa-utils-amixer alsa-utils-aconnect alsa-utils-iecset alsa-utils-speakertest alsa-utils-aseqnet alsa-utils-aseqdump alsa-utils-alsaconf alsa-utils-alsactl",
"Apache" => "apache2",
"Bluez" => "bluez-utils",
"Boa" => "boa",
"Cherokee" => "cherokee",
"Duke Nukem 3D" => "duke3d",
"E-uae" => "e-uae",
"Epiphany" => "epiphany",
"Evince" => "evince",
"Fennec" => "fennec",
"Firefox" => "firefox",
"Gdbserver" => "gdbserver",
"Gimp" => "gimp",
"Gnome Games" => "gnome-games",
"Gnumeric" => "gnumeric",
"Gnuradio" => "gnuradio",
"Git" => "git",
"GSM0710muxd" => "gsm0710muxd",
"I2C-tools" => "i2c-tools",
"JamVM" => "jamvm",
"Kismet" => "kismet",
"Mediatomb" => "mediatomb",
"MPlayer" => "mplayer",
"MythTV" => "mythtv mythtv-theme-blue mythtv-theme-default",
"Nmap" => "nmap",
"Numptyphysics" => "numptyphysics",
"Octave" => "octave",
"OpenCV" => "opencv-samples",
"Pidgin IM" => "pidgin",
"Samba" => "samba",
"Screen" => "screen",
"ScummVM" => "scummvm");
print "<div id='base'>";
foreach ($base_array as $pkg => $pkgdepends) {
print("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"pkg\" value=\"$pkgdepends\">$pkg<br/>\n");
print "</div>";
print "<hr width='80%'/>\n\n";
print "X11 window managers:<br/><br/>\n";
foreach ($wm_array as $pkg => $pkgdepends) {
print("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"wm\" value=\"$pkgdepends\">$pkg<br/>\n");
print "<hr width='80%'/>\n\n";
print "<img src='img/expand.gif' onClick=\"toggleVisibility('devel');\"> Development packages:<br/><br/>\n";
print "<div id='devel'>";
foreach ($devel_array as $pkg => $pkgdepends) {
print("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"devel\" value=\"$pkgdepends\">$pkg<br/>\n");
print "</div>";
print "<hr width='80%'/>\n\n";
print "<img src='img/expand.gif' onClick=\"toggleVisibility('packages');\"> Additional packages:<br/><br/>\n";
print "<div id='packages'>";
foreach ($packages_array as $pkg => $pkgdepends) {
print("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"packages\" value=\"$pkgdepends\">$pkg<br/>\n");
print "</div>";
print "<hr width='80%'/>\n\n";
Image name:
<input type="text" name="name" id="name" value="random-<?print(substr(md5(time()),0,8));?>"/>
<hr width="80%"/>
<center><input type="submit" value="Build me!"/></center></form></div>
<br clear='all'/>
<div id="pkg_progress"></div>
<div id="image_link"></div>
<div id="configure_progress"></div>
<div id="image_progress"></div>
<div id="imgstatus"></div>
<br/><br/>Patches are welcome for the <a href=";a=summary">narcissus sources</a>
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