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# Narcissus - Online image builder for the angstrom distribution
# Koen Kooi (c) 2010- all rights reserved
# This script extracts metadata from the cache dir to use in e.g. manifests
if [ -e ${PWD}/conf/host-config ] ; then
. ${PWD}/conf/host-config
echo "<div id='machinelist'>" > machine-list.html
echo " Select the machine you want to build your rootfs image for:<br/><br/>" >> machine-list.html
echo " <select name='machine' onChange='showValues();'>" >> machine-list.html
for machine in $(find conf/ -name "arch.conf" | awk -F/ '{print $2}' | sort | uniq) ; do
echo " <option value=\"$machine\">$machine</option>" >> machine-list.html
echo "<div id='configlist'>" > conf/$machine/config-list.html
echo " <select name=\"configs\" onChange='showValues();'>" >> conf/$machine/config-list.html
for config in $('ls' conf/$machine/configs/ | sort -d ) ; do
echo " <option value=\"$(basename $config)\">$(basename $config)</option>" >> conf/$machine/config-list.html
echo " </select>" >> conf/$machine/config-list.html
echo "</div>" >> conf/$machine/config-list.html
echo " </select><br/>" >> machine-list.html
echo "</div>" >> machine-list.html
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