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narcissus: include all items from ROOTFS_PKGMANAGE during base opkg i…


Signed-off-by: Koen Kooi <>
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koenkooi committed Jun 26, 2012
1 parent d68e907 commit 0e99cd1afe8662c1d6ea079148d414e480c44b3d
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@@ -75,4 +75,5 @@ bin/opkg-cl ${CACHE} -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf -t ${OPKG_T
echo "running: opkg-cl ${CACHE} -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf -t ${OPKG_TMP_DIR} upgrade"
bin/opkg-cl ${CACHE} -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf -t ${OPKG_TMP_DIR} upgrade
bin/opkg-cl ${CACHE} -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf -t ${OPKG_TMP_DIR} install opkg-config-base
+bin/opkg-cl ${CACHE} -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf -t ${OPKG_TMP_DIR} install opkg opkg-collateral
echo "Configure done"

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