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narcissus: install opkg-nogpg instead of opkg

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1 parent a46a8ea commit 4e5641dac65ad3c030f6b599c6df7b42f1f139e8 Koen Kooi committed with koenkooi Jan 19, 2009
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@@ -36,6 +36,6 @@ echo "running: opkg-cl -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf install c
bin/opkg-cl -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf install conf/${MACHINE}/angstrom-feed-config*
echo "running: opkg-cl -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf update"
bin/opkg-cl -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf update
-bin/opkg-cl -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf install opkg
+bin/opkg-cl -o ${TARGET_DIR} -f ${TARGET_DIR}/etc/opkg.conf install opkg-nogpg
echo "Configure done"

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