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narcissus: prettify sections a bit

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commit 6f24ca34d64a2856ea00942aca354eac0b7ef946 1 parent 1ce399f
@koenkooi koenkooi authored
Showing with 10 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +10 −8 index.php
18 index.php
@@ -218,6 +218,7 @@ function config_dropdown()
<div id="welcomedialog">
Welcome!<br/><br/>This is an online tool to create so called 'rootfs' images for your favourite device. This page will guide through the basic options and will close to let you select the additional packages you want.<br/><br/>
+ <br/><b>Base settings:</b><br/><br/>
<div id="machinedialog" class="nblock">
Select the machine you want to build your rootfs image for:<br/><br/>
<select name="machine">
@@ -275,20 +276,21 @@ function config_dropdown()
+ <div id='x11_wm_block'>
+ <br/><b>X11 Desktop Environments:</b><br/><br/>
+ <div class="nblock"><? foreach ($wm_array as $pkg => $pkgdepends) {
+ print("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"wm\" value=\"$pkgdepends\">$pkg<br/>\n");
+ }?></div>
+ </div>
<br/><b>Additional packages selection:</b><br/><br/>
Select additional packages below, click the <img src='img/expand.gif'> icon to expand or collaps a section. When you're done, click the 'build me!' button.<br/>
- <div id='x11_wm_block' class="nblock">
- <br>X11 Desktop Environments:<br>
- <? foreach ($wm_array as $pkg => $pkgdepends) {
- print("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"wm\" value=\"$pkgdepends\">$pkg<br/>\n");
- }?>
- </div>
- <div id='x11_packages_block' class="nblock">
+ <div id='x11_packages_block'>
<img src='img/expand.gif' onClick="toggleVisibility('x11_packages');"> Additional X11 packages:<br/>
- <div id='x11_packages'>
+ <div id='x11_packages' class="nblock">
<?foreach ($x11_packages_array as $pkg => $pkgdepends) {
print("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"x11_packages\" value=\"$pkgdepends\">$pkg<br/>\n");
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