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narcissus: add boost to development section

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commit b30a3cd33db51fcf04230eb356146428eb3e386d 1 parent 8a7a40c
@koenkooi koenkooi authored
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@@ -182,6 +182,7 @@
<input type="checkbox" name="devel" value="task-qte-toolchain-target qt4-tools qmake2 qt4-embedded-mkspecs">Native (on-target) Qt Embedded SDK <br/>
<input type="checkbox" name="devel" value="qt4-x11-free-gles-dev">Native (on-target) Qt X11 SDK Development<br/>
<input type="checkbox" name="devel" value="u-boot-mkimage">Native (on-target) u-boot mkimage<br/>
+ <input type="checkbox" name="devel" value="boost-dev">Boost development headers and libraries<br/>
<img src='img/expand.gif' onClick="toggleVisibility('console_packages');"> Additional console packages:<br/>
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