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Webpack configuration modifier for @angular/cli
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Angular CLI Webpack (ngw)

This package provides an opportunity to modify @angular/cli project's webpack configuration without "ejecting".

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For angular 6/7:

$ npx -p @angular/cli ng new my-project && cd my-project # create new Angular CLI project
$ npm i -D ngw # installing an improved cli-eject
$ ./node_modules/.bin/ngw --set-up # run via terminal in project root
Set up went successfully!

For angular 5 use npm i -D ngw@angular5


Last command installation (ngw --set-up) makes three things:

  1. Changes scripts in package.json that starts from ng to ngw
  2. Creates file ngw.config.ts in project root where you can redefine webpack.Configuration used by @angular/cli
  3. Sets compilerOptions.module = "commonjs" property in tsconfig.json

So just make changes to the webpack config in appeared ngw.config.ts

You may like to do npm i -D @types/webpack for better experience.


Removes unused selectors from your CSS

This little piece of code in your ngw.config removes unused selectors from your CSS:

const PurifyCSSPlugin = require('purifycss-webpack');
const path = require('path');
const glob = require('glob');

export default function(config) {
      new PurifyCSSPlugin({
        paths: glob.sync(path.join(__dirname, '**/*.html'))
    return config;


You may like to debug your configuration. This can be done with ndb package.

  1. Make sure that your development environment meets the requirements of ndb
  2. npm i -g ndb
  3. Add debugger keyword in ngw.config.ts
  4. ndb npm run start

Prod and dev mode modifications (ngw.config.ts)

const isProduction = process.argv.indexOf('--prod') !== -1;

export default function(config, options) {
  //common config modification
  config = isProduction
    ? productionModificationsMerged(config)
    : devModificationsMerged(config);
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