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The environment variable MAPP_SECRET should be set to a long random set of characters to make the hashes leaving the bot more secure. If it isn't set, 'None' will be used.

./ must contain the following, It isn't included in the git repo.

MAPP_SECRET  = "some really long complex random string"
CALLBACK_KEY = "another different really long string"

Open a tunnel to the callback host if it isn't publicly accessible (Probably a good idea)

$ ssh -L 5000:localhost:443 username@callback-host

Run the program:


Expects JSON file to be a list of machines whose names can be resolved from the host running the program.

It'll attemt to check your authentication against the first host, of course this won't work if it's not listening for SSH connections

All threads will authenticate with the remote hosts using the username provided, whose password will be asked for interactively when the program is run.

callback host must be running the counterpart software, that takes the JSON object in the header and stores it in Redis. That's in a private repo because it contains LDAP authentication and Redis interfaces.