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Quad (GitHub, Twitter)
Yay295 (GitHub)



  • A recent version of PHP
  • A web server
  • Some video conversion software (ffmpeg recommended)


  • Python 3 (for the encoding scripts)
  • Git (for easy deployment)
  • A linux machine for the shell scripts, some may function under cygwin

Features has a lot of features. I'll list the main features here:

  • Play random videos from a folder
  • List all videos with metadata
  • Relatively little server-side processing
  • Minimalistic video player (it also looks/works great as an iframe as-is)
  • Simple metadata structure
  • ASS subtitle support


Deploy it like a regular PHP site. It requires no rewrite rules and no dependencies. Either clone the repository with git clone, or just download a zip with all the files, which you then place on your web server.

To make videos appear, create a video folder and fill it up, then add the video's information to the names.php file.

For additional configuration, such as replacing the chat and editing the structure or name of the metadata, you're on your own.


Simply update all the files that were changed. If you're using git, the .gitignore file should keep most custom things from being overwritten.


Listed here because GitHub won't let you create a release from an old commit. These commits are singled out because they cause breaking changes to things not stored in this repository (often names.php and eggs.php).

  • Easter Eggs Added - This release added support for Easter Egg videos. It requires a file named eggs.php in the root directory similar to names.php, but with the array it contains named $eggs. This file is required even if $eggs is empty (this was fixed later).
  • Font Awesome Sourced Locally - This release changed the site to use a local version of Font Awesome instead of a remote CDN. We made this change because the CDN went offline one day and all of the icons stopped working. Just download Font Awesome 4.4.0 and put it in your root directory, specifically /font-awesome-4.4.0/css/font-awesome.min.css. We went back to the CDN four months later with this commit.
  • First names.php Automation Attempt Part A - This was our first attempt to automatically generate names.php from data stored elsewhere. Your current version of names.php will still work, so you can make a copy of that before you update and use it in place of the new version.
  • First names.php Automation Attempt Part B - It turns out the method we tried was much more computationally expensive than expected, so we decided to not do that. This puts names.php back to what it was before the previous release.
  • botnet.html and eggs.php Changed to Sample Files - This release changed botnet.html and eggs.php to botnet.html.sample and eggs.php.sample, so you don't have to make a backup before updating anymore.
  • eggs.php Change - This release added a function in eggs.php.sample to properly merge $names and $eggs. Make sure you have this function in your copy of eggs.php. It also added an egg attribute to every video entry in eggs.php. A video is now considered an Easter Egg if, and only if, it has the egg attribute. However if you put an Easter Egg in names.php instead of eggs.php, it will be shown on the list page even though it's an Easter Egg.
  • Second names.php Automation Attempt - As part of our second attempt to automate encoding and names.php generation, the data stored in names.php and eggs.php was changed, and video files now have a required naming scheme. The change to the php files is that the file extension is no longer included in the file name, and instead the mime types of the available files (yes files, not file. we support multiple encodings of the same video now.) are stored (the example names.php.sample file was updated in a later commit here). The mime types are used in the same order they're entered, so the smaller file should be listed first. The required format of video file names is {name}-{OP,ED}{0,1,2,...}[{a,b,c,...}][TV][C]-[N]C{BD,DVD,PC,...}. Easter Egg files are exempt from this requirement and can still be named whatever you want.
  • eggs.php Removed - Since Easter Eggs are distinguished only by having the egg attribute, it didn't make sense to keep them in a separate file anymore. This release removes all references to eggs.php, instead using the egg attribute to distinguish them. This does mean that Easter Eggs now have to follow the same filename requirements as everything else, which are currently {name}-{OP,IN,ED}{0,1,2,...}[{a,b,c,...}]-[N]C{BD,DVD,PC,...}.

Things that won't be done:

  • Minifying Javascript (The bandwidth gains are not worth it considering the fact that all the videos they'll be viewing require roughly 3 mbit/s connections anyways, therefore this would serve no purpose for low bandwidth users. I'd rather let developers read the JS directly.)
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