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Welcome to AniTrend

The name AniTrend started off as an application and this organisation was created to share some of the amazing in-house solutions we came up with for the sake of knowledge sharing and encouraging others to contribute. If you use any of the libraries feel free to suggest anything via issues or pull requests, also see some links to support our projects


  1. Track all your favorite Anime & Manga with AniTrend as it offers anime or manga lookup, tracking and reference powered by AniList

    Java 164 24

  2. Retrofit converter which uses annotations to inject .graphql query or mutation files into a request body, along with any variables.

    Kotlin 108 14

  3. An android project to convert short codes, emoticons, html entities, emoticons to emoji and vice-versa

    Kotlin 21 10

  4. A search view suited for bottom appbar style applications with fancy animations

    Kotlin 3 2

  5. trakt-trend Public

    Sample application showcasing support-arch

    Kotlin 1

  6. A simple SQLite spec compliant query builder that integrates with room to create raw queries

    Kotlin 1


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