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Convert your insomnia collections to GraphQL files
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Insomnia Collection GraphQL Generator - Columns and their card count   license

Small application to help you generate .graphql files from a GraphQL export workspace in insomnia so you can use it in projects like Apollo or retrofit-graphql for android.

How To Use

Obviously firstly you must have Insomnia installed and preferably isolate your GraphQL queries into their own separate Work Space which you will export. As shown in the image below:

Work Space Example

Folder or Collection Example

N.B. The utility can work with up to 3 nested folders Tested in a given workspace. Which means in the image above To-Dos can have upto 3 levels of directories with requests


For all available options you can run the following command:

python --help

All generated files will be saved in the ./app/io/output

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