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Atarashii! - A Modern MAL for Android

The goal of Atarashii! is to be a modern Material-themed client for the & website. It supports Android 4.0 and newer. While still in active development, it already is fully featured and polished. You can download it from the Google Play store.

Atarashii! is BSD licensed and contributions are welcome.

Project Goals

The goal of Atarashii! is to be the best designed and overall best application for MAL and AL on Android devices. This is acomplished with a user-first approach, with a focus on design. The application must be fast, easy to use, and feel and look like it's part of Android. None of these things should mean a tradeoff with functionality; the design and functionality should enhance and inform each other.

In short, the developers are users too. We're making something we would like to use, as users.

Third-Party Components

Atarashii! makes use of several third-party components and services: