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Jquery facebook like(fancy) multi-select
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FCBKcomplete is fancy facebook-like dynamic inputs with auto complete & pre added values.

FCBKcomplete is released under the MIT License

FCBKcomplete based on TextboxList by Guillermo Rauch


Jquery version required: 1.6.x

FCBKcomplete forks


To activate FCBKcomplete:

$("elem").fcbkcomplete({json_url: "fetched.txt", cache: true, filter_case: true, filter_hide: true, newel: true});

Trigger to add new element:

$("elem").trigger("addItem",[{"title": "test", "value": "test"}]);

Trigger to remove element:

$("elem").trigger("removeItem",[{"value": "test"}]);

Trigger to remove fcbkcomplete:



  • json_url - url to fetch json object
  • cache - use cache
  • height - maximum number of element shown before scroll will apear
  • newel - show typed text like a element
  • firstselected - automaticly select first element from dropdown
  • filter_case - case sensitive filter
  • filter_selected - filter selected items from list
  • filter_begin - filter only from begin
  • complete_text - text for complete page
  • maxshownitems - maximum numbers that will be shown at dropdown list (less better performance)
  • onselect - fire event on item select
  • onremove - fire event on item remove
  • maxitimes - maximum items that can be added
  • delay - delay between ajax request (bigger delay, lower server time request)
  • addontab - add first visible element on tab or enter hit
  • attachto - after this element fcbkcomplete insert own elements
  • bricket - use square bricket with select (needed for asp or php) enabled by default
  • input_tabindex - the tabindex of the input element
  • input_min_size - minimum size of the input element (default: 1)
  • input_name - value of the input element's 'name'-attribute (no 'name'-attribute set if empty)
  • tab_leaves_input - if set to true, then the tab key leaves the fcbkcomplete-input and goes to the next form element. If addontab==true, a new element will be created before leaving.
  • comma_separator - if set to true, the comma will separate different elements
  • prevent_empty_elements [boolean]
  • prevent_duplicate_elements [boolean]


  • ????? json_cache and cache object rewritten, to allow keys with special characters (like '-') new options: input_tabindex, input_min_size, input_name, tab_leaves_input, comma_separator, prevent_empty_elements, prevent_duplicate_elements xssPrevent() does NOT escape the comma character anymore.

  • 2.8.7 addItem fix when value is not a string by @meltix new option added (filter_begin) enable filtration from begining

  • 2.8.6 illumination function fix by @ketwaroo addontab new item insertion fix funcall object fix by @fduch2k unique identifier per added element (support element with same value) added support for specail characters (',\,/,")

  • 2.8.5 cache object fix (case sensitive) by @ketwaroo

  • 2.8.4 cache object fix by @tedberg

  • 2.8.3 no more eval use public function addItem and removeItem fix (thanks to Yaron)

  • 2.8.2 json_cache bug fix new option added "bricket" newel bug fix thanks to Matt

  • 2.8.1 some minor bug fixes added selected attribute to preselected option thanks to @musketyr fixed cache entry with space thanks to Matt

  • 2.8.0 bug fixes added jquery 1.6 support please note that old versions of jquery not supported cache mechanizm updated

  • 2.7.5 event call removeItem fixed new public method destroy added needed to remove fcbkcomplete element from dome

  • 2.7.4 standart event change call added on addItem, removeItem preSet also check if item have "selected" attribute addItem minor fix

  • 2.7.3 event call fixed thanks to William Parry

  • 2.7.2 some minor bug fixed minified version recompacted due some problems

  • 2.7.1 bug fixed ajax delay added thanks to

  • 2.7 jquery 1.4 compability item lock possability added by adding locked class to preadded option text maximum item that can be added

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