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Update README with CraftIRC3 details.

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+Sept. 20, 2011
+CraftIRC3 is currently in debugging/documenting phase prior to a wider release.
+CraftIRC3 source is available on this repository under the branch "three" and can be easily built with the Maven POM.
+CraftIRC2 which currently resides in the "master" branch will perhaps undergo a final maintenance release by Animosity, before becoming legacy.
+I welcome anyone else to maintain or contribute to the CraftIRC2 branch and prolong its life and support of plugins that use CraftIRC2.
+CraftIRC3 is incompatible with plugins which utilize CraftIRC2 (e.g. HeroChat) and those plugins must be updated to the new API.
+The new API has documentation in this Github repo's Wiki, which will be ported to BukkitDev very soon.
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