A Minecraft <-> IRC bot interface powered by Bukkit
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See github.com/CraftIRC for more updates


Feb 19 2012

CraftIRC repositories now located at http://github.com/CraftIRC

No further updates here.




My license is simple: you must gain permisison from me if you wish to release any derivative works from any of the sources hosted on this repository
Educational use, as to learn the good and bad coding practices found in these sources is free; you may not redistribute a derivative of these sources as another product however without express permisison.

I reserve the right to utilize any changes found on your forks which have not been pushed/contributed to this main repository if it is deemed awesome.


Requires: Bukkit, CraftBukkit, and Permissions (by Niji) on your classpath
Package the plugin.yml in the root of the jar.