python wrapper for hackernews api
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python wrapper for hackernews api

#Installation $ pip install hacker_news


import hn
top_posts = hn.get_post()
#print top 10 posts from hacker news
for post in top_posts:
    print post.title

#API ##get_post(post_type, limit) ###parameter:

  • post_type - any one of [top_posts, new_posts, askhn_posts, showhn_posts, job_posts]. Default value is top_posts.
  • limit - number of posts to return. Default value is 10


import hn
showhn_posts = hn.get_post('showhn_posts', 20)
#print top 20 SHOW HN posts.
for post in showhn_posts:
  print str(post.points), post.title, post.submitter, post.num_comments



import hn
user = hn.user('abhat38')
print, user.karma, user.about



import hn
post ='8863')
print post.title, post.url

#class: Post Each Post has following attributes

  • title - title of the post
  • url - url of the post
  • domain - domain url of the post
  • points - number of votes/points the post has recieved
  • submitter - name of the poster
  • num_comments - number of comments this post has got
  • story_type - type of story

#class: User Each user has following attributes

  • name - name of the user
  • created - created time
  • karma - karma of the user
  • about - brief description of the user